Our Services Are:

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Appointment setting

Arranging specific meetings for you to connect with potential buyers and decision makers for your product or service.

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Online/Telephone meetings

Where a physical face-to-face meeting is not possible, we can arrange a scheduled call, or an online meeting using your preferred online meeting platform.

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Getting on a preferred
supplier list (PSL)

If you want to be on a Preferred Supplier List for your potential customers, we can make contact with the right procurement departments to obtain their Pre-Qualification Questionnaires.

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Creating leads

We speak to your potential clients to identify leads and target specific projects. We also find the correct person who is managing a tender which enables you to bid for the work. We do all of this by targeting the right people and speaking to them on the phone.

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Project research

If you’re interested in looking at a project or tender before speaking to a potential client then we can call the right person on your behalf, asking them to send the drawings of a live project over for you to assess.

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Construction leads


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What we can do for you.

Crannull can help generate new business enquiries for your organisation to assist in expanding and grow your existing client base.

Our leads are generated by speaking directly to your potential clients using the telephone. If you are looking for more tender opportunities or meetings with decision makers, we can help.

Contact our team to find out how we can assist your company in generating more new business sales enquiries with no minimum contract.

We will find those opportunities you have been looking for!

Crannull have an experienced team of Business Development professionals who understand the industry and where your product or service is required. We keep up to date on what is happening across the industry and with our extensive knowledge we can also advise on any areas which may benefit your organisation.

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“Crannull have been a valuable business development partner on several projects over the past 12 months. They fully understood our brief and their team have always delivered and have been an important part of our sales strategy. The assistance they have offered has aided the growth of our business and they are a continued asset to our model ”

Brett Graves, CEO
Savill Hicks Corp Pty Ltd

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““Hi Sam, I thought I would drop you a note to say thanks for all the help and support you and your team have provided to us over the last 6 months, the leads that you have provided have been well qualified resulting in sales. We look forward to working with you into the future.”

Peter Carmichael, Managing Director
EnviroStraw pty ltd

Building relationships

We have built a database across the entire industry, which contains Developers, Main Contractors, Builders, Interior Designers, Architects, Project Management Consultancies, Merchants, Sub-contractors and “all the trades”. We take pride in getting to know and understand your requirements and putting together the right target market for us to approach potential clients on your behalf.

How do we generate sales leads?

Do you have time every week to dedicate to making calls and trying to generate new opportunities for your business? It should be the most important part of any business, but most organisations don’t have the time, experience or inclination to do it. To put it simply, we pick up the phone and speak to your potential clients to identify if it is the right time for you to engage with them on a project or discuss how you could work with them in the future. Communication is key to what we do, but also understanding the right approach for your target market will ensure a steady flow of leads.

Learn how we generate

sales leads

Generating new leads is about being tenacious, speaking to the right people, in the right companies, in the right way.

We have worked with multinational companies, sole traders, new start-ups and companies that have been in business for over 100 years. New business enquiries are the lifeblood of every organisation and we have been providing this service for clients since 2010.

Crannull Director

“It’s a numbers game, backed with good market knowledge of what our clients require. The more opportunities we create for you, the more clients you will sign. ”

Tom Fitzgerald, Director, Crannull


Contact us to find out how we can start generating new business sales leads for your business today.

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